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Seminar 목록
세미나일시 제목 연사 장소
2016.10.4(화) 오후3:00 Understanding neural stem cell behavior in the context of genetic, epitranscriptomic and pathogenic …
2016.10.4(화) 오후3:00 / YOON, Ki-Jun, PH.D.
YOON, Ki-Jun, PH.D. 생명관104호
2016.10.4(화) 오후4:00 Fishing for the regulators of tissue regeneration
2016.10.4(화) 오후4:00 / Junsu Kang, PH.D.
Junsu Kang, PH.D. 생명관104호
2016.9.30(금) 오후4:30 Insulin Resistance in Obesity and Lipodystrophy
2016.9.30(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Cheol Soo Choi
Prof. Cheol Soo Choi PBC 대강당
2016.9.26(월) 오후2:00 Crystal structure of pre-activated arrestin p44
2016.9.26(월) 오후2:00 / Prof. Prof. Yong Ju Kim
Prof. Prof. Yong Ju Kim PBC 대강당
2016.9.23(금) 호우4:30 Unusual protein-protein interaction that involves coupled unfolding and binding
2016.9.23(금) 호우4:30 / Prof. Jeong-Yong Suh
Prof. Jeong-Yong Suh PBC 대강당
2016.9.9(금) 오후4:30 Load bearing proteins and their interactions in wet conditions
2016.9.9(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Dong Soo Hwang
Prof. Dong Soo Hwang PBC 대강당
2016.9.8(목) 오후4:00 Synaptic organization of cortical neurons and their functional changes in disease
2016.9.8(목) 오후4:00 / Juhyun Kim, PH.D.
Juhyun Kim, PH.D. 생명관 104호
2016.8.23(화) 오후4:30 Direct analysis of phosphorylation sites on the Rpb1 C-terminal Domain of RNA polymerase II utilizin…
2016.8.23(화) 오후4:30 / HYUNSUK SUH, PH.D.
2016.8.8(월) 오후3:00 Studying single cell characteristics: new platforms for imaging and sequencing single cells
2016.8.8(월) 오후3:00 / Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D.
Hee-Sun Han, Ph.D. 생명과학관104호
2016.7.28(목) 오후4:00 Functional implications of miR-19 in the migration of newborn neurons in the adult brain
2016.7.28(목) 오후4:00 / Jinju Han, Ph.D.
Jinju Han, Ph.D. PBC 대강당
2016.7.25(월) 오후2:00 A novel role of TLS Polq on UV induced mutation and skin tumorigenesis
2016.7.25(월) 오후2:00 / Yoon Jeong Hoon, Ph.D.
Yoon Jeong Hoon, Ph.D. 생명과학관 104호
2016.7.20(수) 오후2:00 Studying Macromolecules using Cryo-EM
2016.7.20(수) 오후2:00 / Roh Soung-Hun, Ph.D.
Roh Soung-Hun, Ph.D. 생명과학관 104호
2016.6.30(목) 오후4:30 Drosophila taste decoding
2016.6.30(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Seok Jun Moon
Prof. Seok Jun Moon PBC 대강당
2016.6.23(목) 오후3:00 Meiotic recombination initiation hotspots in Arabidopsis genes and recomposons
2016.6.23(목) 오후3:00 / Kyuha Choi, Ph.D.
Kyuha Choi, Ph.D. PBC 대강당
2016.6.22(수) 오후2:00 Epigenetic Regulator BRD4 in Gene Reprogramming and Cancer Therapy
2016.6.22(수) 오후2:00 / Cheng-Ming Chiang, Ph.D.
Cheng-Ming Chiang, Ph.D. PBC 대강당